A fully recycled waste collection module

The BonTon is made entirely from recycled polypropylene (PP) plastic gained from construction, demolition, and bulky waste. All parts can be replaced separately, and are completely recyclable. Moreover, the BonTon has been put together with the Social Return program.


Once the BonTon is placed, you’re saying goodbye to the individual bins under the desk. At a central location in the company, you collect your organic waste, plastics, paper, cups and residual waste. Through this, all the waste is seperately collected at the source.


Circular Economy

We see that more and more medium-sized and large companies are switching to conscious and sustainable waste management. Not only does it result in cost savings, but the company also makes an active contribution to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Environmentally aware and entrepreneurial

The BonTon stands for the optimal re-use of raw materials. By separating at the source, we contribute to responsible waste recycling for an environmentally sustainable society.


With our expertise in the re-use of materials, we know, together with our partners, that we can deliver great added value to the circular economy. The BonTon stands for corporate social responsibility based on a healthy entrepreneurial spirit.

The BonTon is modular.

This allows you to click as many modules together as you want. The cup module can be equipped with a stacker for an additional charge.

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