De inzamelmodule van goede komaf

About us

The BonTon is an initiative aimed at the optimal re-use of raw materials. With the help of the BonTon, individuals, companies and governments separate their waste at the source. By doing so in an environmentally conscious way, we contribute collectively to a sustainable society. Waste such as paper, plastic, organic waste, cups and residual waste, is given a new use as a raw material, construction material or fuel through recycling. And in this case the BonTon.

Companies in the Netherlands are becoming more and more aware of the importance of a cleaner environment. Either from legislation or their own CSR vision. Also, they gained a great focus on the importance of recycling.


We have developed a waste separation module that is made of 100% recycled material. This allows a company to distinguish itself even more, make a contribution to a better environment and to make a statement to employees and relations.

Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable working environment based on responsible and environmentally conscious recycling. Because we are an expert in the field of re-use of materials, we know how, together with our partners, we can be of great added value to the circular economy.

A fully recycled waste collection module

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