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By separating waste with Bonton you choose


A waste bin created with 100% recycled plastic.


20,000 Kilos of recycled plastic. This is equal to a blue whale.

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A savings of 30 soccer-fields-worth of CO2 absorbing trees.

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45x Around the world by car in CO2 savings

Make the circular economy the main topic in your company

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How do you take the next step to circular entrepreneurship? And what makes your organization sustainable? If you are looking for additional information about the Bonton, this leaflet will help you.

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These businesses are already separating their waste with Bonton

Jan arentsz college afval scheiden bonton
prisma zorg afval scheiden bonton
gemeente leiden afval scheiden bonton circubin
roc amsterdam afval scheiden met bonton
roompot afval scheiden bonton horeca hotel park
Bonton is een lijn van slimme, recycled modulaire afval scheidingsmodules.

Our mission

that’s what we aim for!

We believe in a world without waste. That doesn't mean that we no longer produce waste at all. It means that we reuse or recycle waste. But to reuse those materials properly, we have to collect waste streams separately. That is why we developed the Bonton: a line of circular waste and recycling station to easily separate waste at the source. And did you know the Bonton itself is also completely circular? This is how you start the right way.

Which will be your new Bonton?

Choose smart & design or robust & modular

Bonton Circubin

Smart separation with one module

bonton circubin circulaire afvalbak

Bonton Original

Efficient collection & large capacity

Bonton Mini

Eenvoudig kleine afvalstromen scheiden.

Details that matter

bonton original roc amsterdam school onderwijs afval scheiden
1.Easy waste separation
De Bonton is modulair. Kies welke stromen je wilt scheiden en maak eenvoudig je eigen combinatie.
Bonton Circubin afvalscheiden bij de gemeente leiden in de kantine
2. A sustainable solution for every room
You can separate waste at home, at work, at school or at your sports club. Every room is suitable for Bonton.
bonton mini recycled materiaal gerecycled circulair kunststof
3. Made with recycled plastic
De Bonton is gemaakt van 100% gerecycled plastic en daardoor 100% recyclebaar!
bonton gemaakt van recycled materiaal productie
1. 100% circulair & recyclebaar
The Bonton is made with 100% recycled plastic, and is itself 100% recyclable. Completely recyclable, again and again and again, infinitely.
bonton is 100% in nederland gemaakt geproduceerd
2. 100% made in the Netherlands
This means that the Bonton only has to make a short journey to your company or home. This way we limit our CO2 emissions.
afvalscheiden afval scheiden met de bonton circubin modulair
3. Separating waste at the source
provides reusable waste streams. These are easier to recycle, allowing us to optimally recycle materials.
100% dutch design bonton rinke van remortel circubin
1. 100% Dutch Design
The Bonton Circubin is designed by Rinke van Remortel, known as the designer of the Dopper (a Dutch reusable water bottle).
bonton productie schroeven modulair social return
2. Durable design
All parts are made with recycled or recyclable materials and encourage waste separation. In addition, all parts can be dismantled and replaced.
bonton sroi social return werkom
3. Maatschappelijk betrokken
De Bonton wordt in elkaar gezet met behulp van SROI. Zo creëren we werkgelegenheid voor mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt.
The lid is easy to use and closes odorless.
The modular inner bin makes separating waste easy.
The foot ensures use at the correct height.

Benefits of the Bonton Circubin

Made with recycled plastic.

Bonton is een lijn van slimme, 100% circulaire, modulaire afval scheidingsmodules. Gemaakt met gerecycled kunststof. Bijzonder duurzaam, want je scheidt afval met gerecycled afval. Na gebruik kan de Bonton zelf ook 100% worden gerecycled. Zo creëren we een oneindige kringloop.

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About Bonton

made in the Netherlands

The Bonton is designed and produced on Dutch soil. So it’s 100% Dutch. The functional and smart design ensures user-friendliness. The Bonton is modular, which means that different waste bins can be linked together. This allows you to separate multiple waste streams in one central location. From plastic to tin, garden waste to paper cups, everything can be separated into streams.

When we do something, we do it

Circularity, user-friendliness, and great design were all requirements in developing the Bonton Circubin.
We meticulously thought of everything. Curious how we designed the Bonton Circubin? Watch the video below

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