Bonton Original

Efficient collection, large capacity & robust appearance. The ideal waste bin for large spaces where a lot of waste is collected.

suitable for your environment

bonton afval scheiden in het onderwijs original pmd pd gft papier rest
Bonton op de basisschool

Craft supplies, paper and fruit peels. Collect it separately with the various Bonton modules. The Bonton also has an educational function in the classroom. It's a great way to explain to students how a circular economy works and how important it is to separate waste.

bonton afval scheiden op kantoor original pmd pd gft rest
Bonton at the office

You can easily collect paper, plastic and organic waste separately on the workplace. The Bonton Original has a capacity of 70 liters per module. It's also ideal for larger offices. And if you want you can let the Bontons 'branded'. Completely in your own corporate identity.

Bonton in healthcare

Paper cups, plastic food containers or fruit peels. The Bonton is a perfect solution for hospitals. With the various modules, staff, visitors and patients can easily separate their waste themselves. This also shows that as a hospital you are actively committed to improving your environmental performance.

afval scheiden in de horeca
Bonton in the catering industry

Many waste flows released in the catering industry can be easily recycled. Organic waste can be collected separately with the Bonton, leak-free without unpleasant odors. Plastic, metal and beverage cartons are waste streams that take up more space. The Bonton is set to this with different volumes.

Bonton in public spaces

The Bonton original is robust, scratch-resistant and has a large volume. Perfect for use in a public space. When waste is separated in public spaces, municipalities and local authorities set a good example. If a good example is set, it can motivate consumers to properly separate their waste at home.

bonton afval scheiden op school original pmd pd rest
Bonton in het hoger onderwijs

De Bonton is ideaal voor het hoger onderwijs dankzij het tijdloze design. Met hoogwaardige materialen en ergonomische ondersteuning, biedt de Bonton langdurig gebruiksgemak. De frontsticker laat (buitenlandse) studenten snel zien waar het afval in gescheiden moet worden. Door het modulaire systeem is de Bonton toekomstbestendig.

Robust design: very suitable for large spaces where a lot of waste is collected.
Large capacity: makes it possible to separate up to 70 liters of waste with each bin.
Modular easily create a collection station by linking several Bontons.

About the Bonton Original

Designed for large spaces

With 70 liters per module, the Bonton Original has a considerable volume. The Bonton Original is suitable for spaces with many users, such as: offices, schools & hospitals. The bins are made with 100% recycled plastic. This way, the separation of the various waste streams gets off to a good start right away.

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Details that matter

1. Simply separate waste at the source
The Bonton waste separation bins are modular. Choose which streams you want to separate and easily create your own combination.
2. Sustainable solution for large spaces
Separate waste at work, at school or at your sports club. There is a suitable Bonton for every room.
bonton original recycled afvalbak modulair afvalscheiden
3. Made with recycled plastic
The Bonton is made with 100% recycled plastic from plastic waste. Which means the bins are 100% recyclable!
Front stickers
Het nieuwe lyceum afval scheiden met bonton op school
Corporate identity
Communications package
Cup holder
Open lid
Organic waste insert

Custom waste bags

A trash bag that contributes to a cleaner world. Bonton trash bags are made from 100% recycled plastic (HDPE). These bags are suitable for collecting various waste streams such as residual waste, organic waste, plastic, cups and paper.

Bonton Original

The Bonton Original is extremely suitable for collecting your waste. Recycled plastics were used during production, which gives the Bonton a unique appearance.


39.5 cm


28.0 cm


77.0 cm


70 L

Dispose your waste without a touch?

Dat is geen probleem met de open deksel! Liever een kleiner volume voor je GFT-afval? Kies voor een GFT-inzet. Duidelijk communiceren wat in welke bak mag? Maak gebruik van de afval communicatie. Inzamelzakken nodig? Met ons assortiment accessoires geef je de Bonton nét dat beetje extra.

Waste bags

Residual waste
Organic waste


Open lid
Dichte deksel

Front sticker

Residual waste
Organic waste

Everyone deserves a chance

Circularity can only grow through collaboration. Collaboration means that everyone gets the chance to contribute to the result, in other words inclusive entrepreneurship. Before the Bonton is sent, it's assembled and provided with its characteristic sticker. Who are responsible for this? Our colleagues with a distance to the labor market.

Optimal ease of use


The Bonton Original not only stands out because of its modern, sleek look. The Bonton Original is also very functional and ensures optimal ease of use. The different modules can be linked, making it very easy to separate the various waste streams in a central location. In this way you take an important step towards circular entrepreneurship.

We are Bonton. This is our philosophy

If we do something, we do it 100%. The design and production of Bonton was preceded by years of development. 100% recyclable, extremely handy, a beautiful look and a long lifespan. We've thought about all aspects. Curious about our drive, the philosophy behind Bonton? Watch the video below.

Efficient collection

Towards a sustainable future

Reusing raw materials as optimally as possible. That is our aim. To do this, the various waste streams must be collected separately from each other. That's why we developed the Bonton. A line of smart, 100% circular modular bins that make separate collection really easy. In this way we help companies and organizations on their way to circular business. And we are working towards a sustainable future.


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