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As a business you can reduce your CO2 footprint in the simplest way. Use the most sustainable, separated waste collection solution: the Bonton.

suitable for any environment

Separating waste streams is very simple with the connectable bins of the Bonton. With a volume of 70 liters per module, the Bonton is also suitable for corporate users.

bonton original ROC amsterdam afval scheiden op school 2
Bonton at school

Craft supplies, paper and fruit peels. Collect it separately with the various Bonton modules. The Bonton also has an educational function in the classroom. It's a great way to explain to students how a circular economy works and how important it is to separate waste.

Separating waste at school
Bonton at the office

You can easily collect paper, plastic and organic waste separately on the workplace. The Bonton Original has a capacity of 70 liters per module. It's also ideal for larger offices. And if you want you can let the Bontons 'branded'. Completely in your own corporate identity.

bonton circubin gemeente leiden afval scheiden afvalbak openbare ruimte
Bonton in public spaces

The Bonton original is robust, scratch-resistant and has a large volume. Perfect for use in a public space. When waste is separated in public spaces, municipalities and local authorities set a good example. If a good example is set, it can motivate consumers to properly separate their waste at home.

Bonton in healthcare

Paper cups, plastic food containers or fruit peels. The Bonton is a perfect solution for hospitals. With the various modules, staff, visitors and patients can easily separate their waste themselves. This also shows that as a hospital you are actively committed to improving your environmental performance.

Separating waste in healthcare
afval scheiden in de horeca
Bonton in the catering industry

Many waste flows released in the catering industry can be easily recycled. Organic waste can be collected separately with the Bonton, leak-free without unpleasant odors. Plastic, metal and beverage cartons are waste streams that take up more space. The Bonton is set to this with different volumes.

Separating waste in the catering industry
gemeente leiden horeca onderneming afval scheiden met bonton circubin

Municipality of Leiden

Esther van Drongelen-Huijgen

Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor
Ordering and Purchasing

We especially wanted to make an impact on the three spearheads of the Municipality of Leiden: Social Return On Investment (SROI), circular and CO2 reduction. At the start, we launched a strong communication campaign and organized fun activities. We now separate our waste better because we work with the Bonton Circubin waste bins. The results of this are good!

roompot afval scheiden bonton horeca hotel park

Roompot holiday parks

Jacqueline Baaijens-Bijman

Head of ESG

We are working on a place where everything is right, including for the local flora and fauna. In addition to the efforts we make, we encourage our guests to separate waste by, among other things, providing Bonton Circubin in the holiday homes. With results!


Regional educational centre of Amsterdam

Ilse Donkervoort

Contract Manager Soft Services

One of our sustainability ambitions is to maximize a circular economy by preventing residual waste. And to return recycled raw material flows to society in the highest quality possible. We started working on this right from the start of our collaboration. We have been working with the Bonton Original for just over two years now and since then the amount of residual waste has already been reduced by more than 10%!

nova college roc afval scheiden met bonton

Regional educational centre Nova College

Lars Cornelissen


Separating waste is a major task in our sustainability task and requires clear communication from both the teachers and us. Because it's about behavior. Teachers and employees must set a good example, which is why the theme of waste is also woven into the lessons. Our starting point is to encourage students to participate in a positive way. It is explaining and educating.

Local authority of Hillegom, Lisse en Teylingen

Mariëlle Noordoven

Facility Advisor

The Bonton Originals are an easy and clear way for us to separate waste even better. We no longer use waste bins in the work areas. The employees themselves can easily walk to the corridor and put the waste separately in the Bonton. This may take some time getting used to, but walking a bit also fits in with our idea of ​​vitality within the municipality. What we like is that the GFT module can be reduced in size and is half the size on the inside than the other modules.

Pepsico Holland

Wayne Roest

Availability and Sustainability Coordinator

Companies have an exemplary role in the climate objectives, most CO2 emissions still come from companies. Involve people in the process and explain the reasoning behind it. This way people become aware and take it home with them. In addition, it has saved us costs, a real win-win!

het nieuwe lyceum afval scheiden met bonton

The New Lyceum


Facility services coordinator

This waste bin has a complete and sustainable story with an eye for the future. It is very normal for teachers and students to separate waste at home and that is why they are happy that this is also being introduced at school. However, it still takes some time getting used to the fact that they have to walk to throw away the waste. However, you also walk to the canteen for your cup of coffee, so why not for your waste? View the stickers of Het Nieuwe Lyceum here..

kindcentrum helmgras afval scheiden met bonton

Child center Helmgras

Niels Vermij


The Bonton Original makes separating waste easy and educational for every child. We wanted a product that fits well in the classroom, can take a beating and has a long lifespan (20 years). In addition, the price was good. If we ultimately decide to add a module for GFT, for example, we can easily expand the current modules. It is therefore not necessary to throw away the previously purchased modules. That is also a pleasant and sustainable thought.

Bonton Circubin

Bonton branding

Bonton with your own corporate identity

Take your colleagues with you to step towards circular entrepreneurship. Get your Bonton stickered! With the front sticker, you can see exactly what’s allowed in the various bins. It's possible to get the Bontons designed in your own style. It’s completely custom. This way, the Bonton fits even better into your office.

toolkit bonton voorbeeld met circubin afval communicatie borden stickers

Bonton waste communication

Waste separation starts with awareness.

Communication is important to make waste separation successful. That’s why we developed posters, stickers and banners. Create awareness among your employees, visitors or students. We also developed a special toolkit for schools. This package teaches students the importance of separating waste in a fun, educational way.

About Bonton

made in the Netherlands

The Bonton is designed and produced on Dutch soil. So it’s 100% Dutch. The functional and smart design ensures user-friendliness. The Bonton is modular, which means that different waste bins can be linked together. This allows you to separate multiple waste streams in one central location. From plastic, tins, garden waste and paper to cups and residual waste.

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Circularity, user-friendliness and design had to come together in the Bonton Circubin. We have thought about all aspects. Curious about the Bonton Circubin? Watch the video below.