Waste communication

Separating waste for recycling improves the level of resources utilization and reduces the amount of garbage. It's important to involve everyone at the organization in this change. You separate waste together!

toolkit afval scheiden met bonton original circubin

Separating waste successfully

Communication tools

Separating waste is a good step towards circular business. In order to make waste separation a success, it's important to explain why separating is so meaningful. Explain which waste can be disposed where from now on and what's made of this waste.

Bonton branding

Bonton with your own corporate identity

The front stickers clarify to employees what can be thrown away in the Bonton. The sticker fills the entire front of the Bonton. Every region handles a different waste collection policy. That's why the sticker can be adjusted as desired from 50 pieces. Get in touch to explore the possibilities.

Offline campaign

Wall decals

Daarnaast is het mogelijk om je ‘interne’ campagne extra kracht bij te zetten door communicatiemiddelen te bestellen die je op of rond de afval scheidingsmodules kunt gebruiken, op de werkvloer of op andere zichtbare plekken in je organisatie.

Online campaign items


To help you make waste separation a success, we have developed additional communication tools:

  • Posters to print yourself
  • Audiovisual expressions for narrowcasting
  • Texts and images to use in internal newsletters

Additional footage

Social content

To reinforce your message even more, there are images available to post on your social channels.