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On this page we show you a number of examples to create waste communication in your own style.

School community ‘’Het Nieuwe Lyceum’’

Internal communication

‘’Het Nieuwe Lyceum’’ was commissioned by the municipality of De Bilt to think about separating waste. There were several options and they opted for separation at the source.

Separating waste sounds easy, but in practice it turns out to be quite difficult. Especially on large scale. Where do you start? Placing waste bins alone will not get you there. It requires clear choices, effective waste management and awareness among the students.

Any combination is possible

because the Bonton can be used modularly

Prisma foundation

Create opportunities

Separating waste was put on the agenda because of the Green Deal signed in 2019. This deal is about the contribution of healthcare to improve the environment, such as stimulating the circular economy.

An extra reason to be proud is the fact that the Bontons have created an extra daytime activity. At park Assisië, the garbage bags are collected with a train by clients of the daytime activities. That is very entertaining work to do!

Front sticker

Different opportunities


To make waste separation a success, it’s important to explain why separating is so important. Explain which waste you can dispose of where from now on. Show of what can be made of this waste by means of separation at the source and recycling.

We offer various standard options such as the front sticker and wall sticker. All options can be adjusted as desired from 50 pieces. Please contact us for additional information.


When we do something, we do it

Circularity, user-friendliness, and great design were all requirements in developing the Bonton Circubin.
We meticulously thought of everything. Curious how we designed the Bonton Circubin? Watch the video below

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